ISS contact live stream

Bekijk hier een opname van de livestream en herleef dit bijzondere evenement.

Watch a recording of the livestream and relive this extraordinary event.

With Special Thanks to:
Pro Industries (Audio/Video equipment) –
Clearsky Networks (Groundstation antennas) –
UBA-NOK members (Radio equipment & operational help) –
– ON4BCV (Kim)
– ON2DAT (Ron)
– ON6FIL (Filip)
– ON8CF (Filip)
– ON6HF (Pieter)
– ONL12429 (Jan)
– ON4ANH (Alain)
– ON3JVB (Jurgen)
– ON6KX (ief)
Sint Jozef College (Anja and Stefan):
– ON6TI (Stefan)
– ON7UX (Jan)
– ON4WF (Gaston)
Stad Turnhout (Communication):